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By Charles Kiernan


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Resident traditional storyteller and author, Charles Kiernan, offers us a perspective on GLVWG’s Dr. Larry “Rock ‘n’ Roll!!!” Schardt, whose life mission is to “plant seeds of love and happiness wherever he goes.”



Dr. Schardt is dedicated to helping people in any way possible. Through his workshops, he shares ways to help you maximize your joy in life, find your writing muse, and live a life of Success That Rocks . . .

Did you ever wonder:

  • How you can find happiness and success with all that’s going on in life?
  • Why some people are happy, and others just plod along?
  • What it takes for you to enjoy your days?
  • What it takes for you to feel successful?

During “Success that Rocks:”

  • You will experience ideas on how to enjoy life to the fullest.
  • You will learn the 3 Key Habits (Golden Keys) for Happiness and Success.
  • You will learn the success formula to change adversity into victory.
  • You will learn how to be a victor instead of a victim.
  • You will learn wisdom for fixing problems.
  • You will learn the many virtues of happiness and success

Put a Positive Spin on Rejection – Propel Your Writing and Yourself into Success that Rocks. 

A writer’s work is always on the line for criticism or rejection or both. When rejected you may be tempted to toss your computer off a cliff, watch your hard work smash into tiny shards on the rocks below, crawl in a cave, and sink into the gloomy dungeon of self-pity.

This workshop will provide you with the tools to help you escape from the dungeon and explore rejection from a different perspective . . . So you can grow, persist, and flourish.

You will learn the secrets of becoming a victor instead of a victim, making happiness a habit, and overcoming the diseases of cynicism, negaholism, and blame. You will also learn the secrets of enjoying a life of “Success That Rocks.”


Powerful Tools to Enhance Your Writing Success and Rock Your Life . . .

Suffer from writer’s block, overwhelm, lack of focus, stalled creativity, anxiety . . . ? Yikes! In this workshop, Dr. Larry “Rock ’n’ Roll” Schardt shares ways to blast through these maladies and empower your writing, and your life.

From daily routines, to mindfulness, to programs, to conferences, to potent psychological tools, and beyond, Larry shares secrets to improve your life and enhance your creativity. Supercharge your mindset, and your writing, with tools to help you reach your maximum potential.


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Dr. Schardt will present at the GLVWG Write Stuff Conference™ March 23, 2019:





A seemingly insignificant incident transformed Larry’s life when he was 15. While he was delivering newspapers, he found a copy of a Reader’s Digest sitting on top of a bundle of trash. The headlined condensed story “How to Win Friends and Influence People” caught his eye. He sat on the curb, read the article, and changed his perspective forever.

Ever since that day his passion has been to explore and spread happiness and success. As a trainer and teacher he continues to hone his craft.

Dr. Schardt has a Masters in Education and Communications and earned his PhD in Education and Instructional Systems Design. Larry has toured the country motivating audiences from all 50 states and US Territories, with his presentations on success, leadership, writing, and happiness.

Dr. Schardt has been teaching at Penn State University for the past 25 years. He has also taught at University of Pittsburgh, Dickinson College, and University of the Virgin Islands. Schardt is co-founder and facilitator of the highly successful Mindful Writers Retreats and is presently co-authoring a book on Mindful Writing and Retreats.

He is also a regular speaker at writing conferences (where he receives rave reviews). His talks provide writers with tools and motivation to enhance their craft and Rock Their Worlds! . . .

Larry’s daily Facebook Blog to entertains, encourages, and motivates his readers to live a life of Success That Rocks. You can also follow Larry on his uplifting Twitter link @LarrySchardt

He wrote the textbook Natural Resources Conservation and Community Sustainability, published by Penn State Press. He has stories published in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Find Your Happiness and Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Power of Gratitude.

His teaching philosophy is one of the few included in The Penn State Teacher II. He also authored manuals on grant training, mentoring, leadership, nonprofit management, and other educational trainings.

When he’s not writing, speaking, researching, or teaching you will find Larry involved with small businesses, community activities, and storytelling. He is a music junkie! His other hobbies include walking, skiing, rollercoasters, and people!

During his presentations, you will experience an atmosphere of fun and levity by sharing stories of life and triumph over adversity. Live Success That Rocks!



Article by Charles Kiernan


Charles Kiernan is the proud author of two, entirely unpublished, middle-grade fantasy novels. He is better known as a storyteller—as in, stand up in front of a crowd and tell them a tale. He has also pawned himself off as Mark Twain to the unwary, but with no success to literary agents.

Charles was featured on GLVWG Write Stuff Blog this past September, Charles Kiernan:  Mark Twain impersonator, traditional storyteller, and writer

He is also coordinator for the Lehigh Valley Storytelling Guild, Pennsylvania State Representative for the National Youth Storytelling Showcase, Pennsylvania State Liaison for the National Storytelling Network, recipient of the 2008 Individual Artist Award from the Bethlehem Fine Arts Commission, and grand slam winner at the Lehigh Valley Story Slam, November 2017.

He is proudest of his blog on fairy tales, Fairy Tale of the Month, which he has been writing since December 2010.

Be sure to follow him on Facebook, and his exploits as Samuel Clemons on his Lost Dollar site.