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Article by GLVWG’s  Charles Kiernan: 

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Charles Kiernan first introduced Dr. Larry Schardt in a previous article on the GLWVG Conference Blog, February 10. On a mission is to plant seeds of love and happiness wherever he goes, Dr. Schardt will coach writers how to put a positive spin on rejection, and harness it toward writing success at the Write Stuff™ Conference March 24, 2019.

Charles asked a few questions of Dr. Schardt.


Charles: Tell us your history, family, and hobbies.

Thanks for asking about life . . .

Hobbies . . . My main hobby is people. I love being with people, connecting, and celebrating life. Other hobbies I love are: Walking, skiing, reading, writing, learning, teaching.

Family . . .I am the oldest of nine, with many nieces and nephews. I am blessed that our family gets together regularly. We are all so different, but we recognize and respect each other for whatever quirks and OCDs we have . . . with Love!

History . . . My love of fiction began as a child, with bedtime stories for my eight younger brothers and sisters. Stories turned to writing in my teens, with poems and shorts inspired by love.

Throughout my career I wrote copy for articles, brochures, grant proposals, and endless reports. I also wrote and co-wrote several textbooks.

My early career began as a conservationist. Later I became the coordinator for a community service organization (Community Partnerships Resource Conservation and Development Council). My love of people and desire to pay it forward continued to grow.

My thirst for knowledge and love of people was enhanced once I took on a second career teaching at Penn State, 26 years ago (while still working as a coordinator).

Writing, speaking, and teaching are my full time jobs now.

Five years ago, I joined Kathleen Shoop as co-facilitator of the Mindful Writers Retreats, where I am blessed to get together (several times a year) with incredible writers to focus on our craft without interruption for out time at the retreats.

Focus . . . To continue to learn and grow my life with happiness and teach others through example.

Charles: Where does your moniker and exclamation of “Rock and Roll” come from? 

It’s my way of sharing the positive in life. Rock and Roll is a state of mind. Greeting people and wishing them “Rock ’n’ Roll!!!” is wishing them blessings of all that is good, good, good, and beautiful in life. No matter what kind of music moves you, it’s all . . . Rock ’n’ Roll!!!

Charles: You are an avid Facebook blogger. What is your purpose behind these blogs?

My daily Facebook blog is a way of thanking life and paying it forward.

Every post is an endeavor to connect with friends, appreciate the infinite everyday blessings of life, and learn ways to share positive spirit, happiness, and hope . . .

I get to start every day with a positive thought and then give and share that thought.

Whether it be a quote, story, proverb, anecdote, or some other way to appreciate . . . I am blessed to begin the day thinking about friends and celebrating the beauty of life.

In the words of Tom Peters . . . “Celebrate what you want to see more of.”

More . . . Giving . . . Gratitude . . . Personal Responsibility . . .

With Success . . . Happiness . . . And . . . Peace and Love

Charles: What are the central themes behind the work you do?

Encouragement . . . Happiness . . . Success . . . Hope . . . Peace, Love, and Rock ‘n’ Roll!!!

Charles: For aspiring writers, what are the common traps?

Allowing excuses to stop you from writing and reading. Write every day.

Another trap is getting discouraged by rejection. If we all got discouraged by rejection we wouldn’t have, Lord or the Rings, Harry Potter, Chicken Soup for the Soul, or Led Zeppelin!

Charles: If you were to write a letter to your younger self, what would you say?

Live the three secrets for Happiness and Success That Rocks . . . Take responsibility for your own life . . . Appreciate everyone and everything . . . Give for the greater good.

Work to improve yourself every day and in every way.

Rock more . . . Don’t waste time on worry and useless emotions . . . Be the best you can be . . . Be sincere . . . Listen to people . . . Open your heart . . . Enjoy love and live . . . Make the world a better place and serve others.

With . . . Peace, Love, and Rock ‘n’ Roll!!!

Larry Schard Headshot

Dr. Larry Schardt encourages and incites you to achieve your writing goals and live a life that rocks. Larry knows what it is to live without peace and joy. His struggles in life led him to research the science and art of happiness and success. Happiness enhances creativity, crushes mediocrity, and frees your mind . . . enabling you to become the writer you are meant to be. Larry’s passion is people . . . He cares about your joy and wants to guide you to the path of achieving your maximum potential. For over 35 years, Larry’s presentations on writing, leadership, and happiness have motivated audiences across the United States (from Alaska to the US Virgin Islands). During that time Professor Schardt has taught at multiple universities and is currently at Penn State.

Through his workshops and classes he teaches secrets and tips to improve your writing, find your muse, and continue your personal growth. Larry’s daily Facebook Blog to entertains, encourages, and motivates his readers to live a life of Success That Rocks. You can also follow Larry on his uplifting Twitter link @LarrySchardt

Larry has several stories in “Chicken Soup for the Soul” books and is an award winning author. His daily Facebook blog inspires, encourages, and motivates. For the past five years, Schardt has co-facilitated the highly successful Mindful Writers Retreats. Rock your world with . . . Success That Rocks!



Article by Charles Kiernan:


Charles Kiernan is the proud author of two, entirely unpublished, middle-grade fantasy novels. He is better known as a storyteller—as in, stand up in front of a crowd and tell them a tale. He has also pawned himself off as Mark Twain to the unwary, but with no success to literary agents.

Charles was featured on GLVWG Write Stuff Blog this past September, Charles Kiernan:  Mark Twain impersonator, traditional storyteller, and writer

He is also coordinator for the Lehigh Valley Storytelling Guild, Pennsylvania State Representative for the National Youth Storytelling Showcase, Pennsylvania State Liaison for the National Storytelling Network, recipient of the 2008 Individual Artist Award from the Bethlehem Fine Arts Commission, and grand slam winner at the Lehigh Valley Story Slam, November 2017.

He is proudest of his blog on fairy tales, Fairy Tale of the Month, which he has been writing since December 2010.

Be sure to follow him on Facebook, and his exploits as Samuel Clemons on his Lost Dollar site.