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Day 2 of the Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group Write Stuff Conference™ on Friday, March 23, will consist of half-day seminars with Bob Mayer and Jane Cleland, followed by the annual “Page Cuts Critique”, and a “Pinterest 101” by Dan Krippene.

7:00 a.m. Check-In table opens.  Pick up registration materials at the check-in table



Friday, March 23 Overview —  Two Half-Day Seminars: 

 Includes Lunch, Page Cuts Critique, Pinterest Workshop, and Welcome Reception


Conference Schedule for Day 2 Friday


Morning Session Syllabus

Bob Mayer – Write It Forward: From Writer to Successful Author

For fiction and non-fiction authors, an over-view workshop that educates writers how to be authors. Based on over a quarter century of experience in traditional, hybrid and indie publishing. Write It Forward is a holistic approach encompassing goals, intent, environment, personality, change, courage, communication and leadership that gives the writer a road map to become a successful author. Many writers become focused on either the writing or the business end; Write It Forward integrates the two, especially in the rapidly changing world of digital publishing.


Afternoon Session Syllabus

Jane Cleland – Mastering Suspense, Structure & Plot

Jane Cleland’s Agatha-winning book, “Mastering Suspense, Structure & Plot” has been an Amazon bestseller in its category for more than a year.

By integrating these 13 thinking, writing, and revising tips into their writing processes, participants will write tighter, more polished first drafts. They’ll improve their story’s pace, while ratcheting up suspense. These tips serve both as a checklist and as a mandate. The tips relate to tightening a story’s structure, adding complexity to the plot, integrating back story, enhancing character motivation, choosing words for sensual specificity, balancing narrative with action and dialogue, and improving both productivity and professionalism.




Page Cuts Critique Sessions – Advance registration required

6:30 – 8:30 PM

Page Cuts critique sessions are optional and included in the Friday session. Limited to 36 readings, participants who have been informed of their successful enrollment should bring to their session four copies of the first page of a longer work (fiction, creative nonfiction, or memoir) along with four copies of a 100-word overview of the entire work.

Participants will be assigned to a room headed by a team of publishing professionals who have been asked to provide off-the-cuff feedback. Your work will be read aloud by a room moderator and commented upon by our panelists. No names will be used, all works are COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS. Copies must be formatted. Double-spaced, 12 pt. “Times” font, 1-inch margins, Title & Genre at top of page. No names please. Print to start at the top of the page.

Opinions of workshop panelists are theirs alone and do not represent the opinions of GLVWG.


Pinterest – What is it, and How to use it

7:00 – 8:00 PM

Session will run concurrent to Page Cuts Critique

 DT Board List

Conceived as a virtual bulletin board, Pinterest has grown beyond its visual thematic platform of recipes, fashion, and kid’s crafts, and unlike other social media posts that quickly disappear in a blink, Pinterest postings have a longevity through re-pins that can go on for months.

For writers and authors, Pinterest is a great place for writer inspiration, and a way to connect to readers and other writers. It’s all about connecting with good pictures and a well thought out blurb. It’s also highly addictive.

The seminar will cover the basics of setup, creating a great writer profile, themed boards, keywords, search functionality, group boards, and tips from a few industry experts in how to utilize this fun platform to enhance your writer brand.



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Welcome Reception

8:30 – 10:00 PM

Join us for hors d’oeuvres, cash bar, and the chance to network with agents, editors, presenters, and other conferees. Dress is business casual.

Reflections on 24 years of GLVWG with Peggy Adamczyk, Founding Member and former President.

Also, an appearance by guest presenter: ‘Samuel Clemens’



Article by DT Krippene – Social Media Chair