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The Conference over, the votes tallied, it’s only fitting we honor the first place winners from the Write Stuff Writers Conference™ Flash Literature Contest, held on March 25, 2017.

Bernadette Sukley, who’s been chairing the Flash Literature Contest for seven years, gives us a quick rundown on how the process worked.

  1. Contest is open to Conference Attendees Only.
  2. Participants provide 100 words of poetry, fiction or non-fiction (or all three genres).
  3. Entries submitted via email or in person at the Write Stuff Writers Conference™.
  4. Entries are posted for reviewing and voting by all attendees.
  5. Tally of votes and announcement of winners (first, second, third prizes awarded for each of the three genres) at the end of conference.



For the Fiction Category:

1st Place: Christopher Ochs

2nd Place: Elizabeth Thomas

3rd Place: Judy England McCarthy


Winning Entry – “I Glimpsed Them“, by Christopher Ochs.

Poe saw the Monsters. Lovecraft saw Them. Campbell saw Them as well. They all saw Them, then they wrote about Them.

Last year, I glimpsed Them — and They saw me. Of course, I was stupid enough to write a story about it.

Poe died from opium, or so the legend goes. Lovecraft succumbed to syphilis, which I find curious since the poor slob was a virgin. Campbell died of esophageal cancer — yet he was an avid non-smoker.

When they decide to tear me from this life, what fate shall They choose I wonder, to fool this unwitting world?



For the Non-Fiction Category:

1st Place: Rita Citivella

2nd Place: Ralph Burns

3rd Place: Terry Ingalsby


Winning Entry – “The Line“, by Rita Citivella.

I feel their judgment. I don’t belong here. I haven’t mastered the language. I long to fit in, to be a part of this nation. I’ve gone over the answers a hundred times. Still, my heart beats faster as the line moves forward. Soon they will question me.

Don’t let them intimidate you. You have a right to be here. Don’t say anything to arouse suspicion.

My turn now. I tremble under their steely glare.

Take a deep breath. Answer confidently.

“Tall Vanilla Latte.”



For the Poetry Category:

1st Place: Beverly Botelho

2nd Place: Rita Civitella

3rd Place: Sharon Boudreaux


Winning Entry – “Song of Solace“, by Beverly Botelho.

Your pigments paint me happy, calm, and serene

My pea green turns to blush and

I feel the rush a drug might provide

A balm that Solomon would be proud to claim, bless, and seal Under your brush


I spread red and peach mixed with pine I am proud to say

I am your creation

Under cerulean sky and a cover of violet white

I am jealous of this day, a day filled with laughs and a smattering of night


Paint me again a gallery of todays

Tomorrow may turn black



Bio Bernadette Sukley

Bernadette Sukley, Write Stuff Writers Conference™ Flash Literature Contest Organizer and Chairman of the GLVWG Anthology, ‘The Write Connections’, has been researching, writing and editing for over 25 years. Her work has been featured in national and international publications. Her focus is human interest, health and lifestyle. She’s also written and edited guides, pamphlets, columns, stories, and novels. She’s published two novels (A Saving Hurricane, Find Me a Woman) and a nonfiction book (Made in Pennsylvania) within the last eight years.