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Day 2 of the Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group Write Stuff Conference™ on Friday, March 22, will consist of half-day seminars with Ben Wolf, Charis Crowe, and Janeen Ippolito, followed by Page Cuts Critique Sessions with publishing professionals, and an early evening seminar on “The Pixar Method” with Charis Crowe.


7:00 a.m. Check-In table opens. Pick up registration materials at the check-in table

Friday session includes Lunch, two half-day workshops and evening seminar, Page Cuts Critique (with $10 fee) and evening reception. 


2019 Floor Plan corrected

Map of Room Locations – Don’t Get Lost





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8:30 AM – 12:00 PM ~ The Three Pillars of Storytelling

with Ben Wolf and Charis Crowe

Storytellers throughout the ages have employed three essential elements to weave compelling tales: the high concept, the characters, and the plot. Each of these elements, when utilized efficiently, work together to support everything from short stories and flash fiction to epics sprawling across multiple movies, shows, and books.

This half-day workshop begins with a discussion of the story’s high concept and what makes for an irresistible idea. Then follows a breakdown of how to create engaging and realistic characters with backstories and motivation. The class concludes with an exploration of how to create interesting plots based on the classic three-act structure. Developing these three pillars of storytelling will help propel any story (and any storyteller) to new heights.


Day 2 Lunc

12:00 Noon – 12:45 PM ~ Lunch (included)

Salon B

Plus: Networking Opportunities



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1:00 PM – 4:30 PM ~ Book to Market:

Tips to Package, Promote, and Publish Your Book

With Janeen Ippolito

 Should you aim for a traditional publisher or try to publish yourself? Is there a way to make selling books easier? And what social media should you really be using? Get clarity on your publishing and marketing options from publishing industry pro and marketing coach Janeen Ippolito.

These sessions take out the “overwhelm” and enable you to make decisions with confidence about your manuscript’s future.



6:30 PM – 8:30 PM ~ Page Cuts Critique Sessions

In the Cedar Crest, Muhlenberg, and Lafayette Rooms

LIMITED SEATING: Advance registration necessary

Additional $10.00 charge with any registration

Page Cuts critique sessions are optional ($10.00 session charge) Participants will be assigned to a room headed by a team of publishing professionals who have been asked to provide feedback on your work. This kind of “cold critique” i.e. where first impressions count, is exactly like someone reading the first page of your novel at a bookseller, whether on line or in a store. That impression is what determines whether they buy your book. Don’t pass up this opportunity to get that first page polished so it shines!

Your work will be read aloud by a room moderator and commented upon by our panelists. No names will be used, all works are COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS. Opinions of workshop panelists are theirs alone and do not represent the opinions of GLVWG.

Limited readings. Participants who have been informed of their successful enrollment should bring to their session four copies of the first page of a longer work (fiction, creative nonfiction, or memoir) along with four copies of a 100-word overview of the entire work.

Copies must be formatted. Double-spaced, 12 pt. “Times” font, 1-inch margins, Title & Genre at top of page. No names please. Print to start at the top of the page. 



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7:00 PM – 8:00 PM ~ The Pixar Method with Charis Crowe

In the Moravian Room

(Runs Concurrent to Page Cuts Critique)

Through the magic of engaging characters and heart-tugging plot lines, Pixar has brought us stories that ring true to who we are for over 20 years. Discover their methods, unpack the Pixar secrets for success, and learn how to apply them in your own writing.



8:30 PM – 10:00 PM ~ Reception/Social Gathering

A relaxing atmosphere with snacks, soft drinks, cash bar. A perfect opportunity to network among fellow writers, presenters, agents and editors.


But don’t party too hard. Saturday’s main event is a busy day.



Article by D.T. Krippene – Social Media Chair

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You can find DT at his Website – “Searching For Light in the Darkness

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