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Article by Jerome W. McFadden


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We first introduced David E. Fessenden with a recent article in the February 9 GLVWG Conference Blog.

GLVWG author, Jerry McFadden, had a chance to ask David a few questions.


Jerry: If I were to meet you at a conference, what is something you would tell me about yourself that would be intriguing? Pls do not use anything from your bio.

I have double-jointed elbows!

Jerry:  Who are your favorite authors and why?

A.W. Tozer — He said that a really good book should be read slowly, and often cause you to pause in your reading, to meditate and pray; that’s what his books do for me. C.S. Lewis — He taught me to think more deeply about my faith. Alton Gansky — With his novels, he always seem to write himself into a corner, then resolves his impossible plots by pulling a rabbit out of his hat! 

Jerry: There are times when people relax at home – they read, crochet, and color in the Mandela pattern books. What are your favorite pastimes, other than reading?

Watching old movies — and I mean O-L-D — early talkies!

Jerry: What are the common traps for aspiring writers?

Trying to write books as your earliest attempts at writing, instead of articles, short stories, etc., etc.

Jerry: If you wrote a letter to your younger self, what would you say?

The more you write, the more you’ll get published.

Jerry: How many unpublished and half-finished books do you have? Do you have plans for them?

Probably a half-dozen. I hope to finish most of them, though a couple are real dogs, I have to admit — so I probably won’t ever get those done!

Jerry: What age did you start writing? What was your favorite genre at that time and why?

I started in earnest in high school, and liked to write short stories, probably because I didn’t think I’d ever be able to finish a full novel.

Jerry: What kind of research do you do and how long do you spend researching before beginning a book?

I don’t know — I start researching after beginning a book. How do you know what to research until you know what you’re writing about? I research on and off all through the book writing process.

Jerry: What one thing would you give up to become a writer?

I really should give up more of my free time — and I’m going to have to if I want to get some of those unfinished projects done.


 David will be at the The GLVWG Write Stuff Writer’s Conference™ on March 23, 2019 to speak about Publishing Contracts, the Author-Editor Relationship, The Dreaded Outline, and Edition Your Own Material.  

To read more on David, visit:

And don’t forget to visit his Amazon Page for books he’s written.



Article by Jerome W. McFadden

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Jerome W. McFadden’s stories have appeared in various magazines, e-zines such as Flash Fiction Offensive, Eclectic Flash Fiction, and several anthologies –  River Tales , Over My Dead Body, Trails End, including Hardboiled: Crime SceneOnce Around the SunA Christmas SamplerA Readable Feast, and Let It Snow.  Jerry has also been a prolific contributor to the BWG Author Roundtable series

Jerry has also won honorable mentions in Writer’s Digest Magazine annual national fiction awards, as well as in several regional writing contests. He received a Bullet Award for the best crime fiction to appear on the web. Two of his short stories have been read on stage by the Liars League London and Liar’s League Hong Kong. You can find his published short story works on Goodreads