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Charis Crowe is a professional freelance writer with corporate writing, advertising, and ghostwriting experience. With several completed novels and published short stories, Charis is passionate about finding that one thing a character would never do and making them do it.

She loves all things geeky, weird, and downright impossible. Whether it’s dragons soaring to new heights, unexplored distant planets, or monsters that lurk in the dark, Charis is always ready to help new writers explore their worlds and find more chaos.


Charis (pronounced Ka-reese) Crowe will be at the GLVWG Write Stuff Conference™ beginning Thursday, March 21, 2019. She will be joining her husband, Ben Wolf, in his full-day presentation Thursday, as well as the morning session on Friday.

Friday evening, Charis flies solo in her 7:00 PM presentation: The Pixar Method – Through the magic of engaging characters and heart-tugging plot lines, Pixar has brought us stories that ring true to who we are for over 20 years. Discover their methods, unpack the Pixar secrets for success, and learn how to apply them in your own writing.

On Saturday, March 23, her topics include:

  • Marketing Execution for Authors. Covers, blurbs, Facebook release parties, Instagram hashtags, and meme machines. The world of marketing your books can feel like a giant maze. Learn how to create a product that sells and how to get it in front of readers.
  • Finding Your Author Voice. Lovable characters and an exciting plot–these are things every story needs to be successful. But if you’re looking for longevity in publishing, you’re going to have to dig deeper. Every writer has a reason “why” they write. Learn what yours is and how to use it to keep readers coming back for more.
  • YA is Here to Stay. Young Adult fiction isn’t just for teens. Learn the ins-and-outs of popular YA subcategories and how this super-powered genre can enhance your writing portfolio.


My first YA manuscript was a Steampunk/monster mashup. I’ve got about half a dozen YA WIP ideas floating around on my hard drive in one form or another. And the series I’m releasing now—The Lumen Fates Saga—centers around a group of teenagers selected by a secret society that lives alongside dragons.

There are two really common plot threads in YA that I love to read—budding romance (will-they/won’t-they) and the “chosen one” trope.

YA is all about a person at a crucial time in their lives. The main character is naturally on a journey of self-discovery and growth. They’re becoming someone new. I love those heroes

And although a will-they/won’t-they plot will keep me turning pages, I detest writing them! I tend to make those romances more of a side quest rather than the main goal.

Freelancing has been a bit of everything! Writing, editing, social media management, advertising, impersonating a literary agent—I’ve dabbled in a lot!

Freelancing pros: No dress code. Purple hair and comfy pants, no makeup, and an endless supply of coffee. Plus, more time with our kitty Marco, our kids, and more quality time with Ben (who is also a freelancer).

Freelancing cons: I’m a natural couch potato. Left to my devices, I would probably never leave our living room. Staying active is tough, and while I don’t miss the “rat race” that comes with most regular jobs, I do miss the camaraderie I had with my coworkers.

Born in Denver, Charis’s family moved to British Columbia, Canada. After that, it was down to Tampa Bay, Florida for a few years. Then we moved to the hometown where my parents were raised, Williamsport, PA—home of Little League baseball and… not much else.

I moved out to Iowa in 2008, and I’ve spent probably a cumulative year living in Hawaii over my lifetime.

I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was in second grade. My love of reading, writing, and that feel of words pressed into the pages of a notebook has always been a part of me.

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We have one cat named Marco, and he is secretly a dog. He runs to the door and will announce when we have visitors, he yowls to be let outside, he answers to his name, and he will come when called. He even plays fetch.

Although I was the one to adopt Marco, he has taken a much stronger liking to Ben. He’ll even allow Ben to hold him like a baby. This preference has been a deep and hurtful betrayal. But… he’s a cat. I should have seen it coming.

Charis and her husband, Ben, live in ­­­­­­Bettendorf, Iowa with their two daughters—nicknamed Bri-Bear and Strawberry. Most nights of the week they can found snuggled up in front of the TV, poking fun at political ads and watching Survivor.

Married to Ben Wolf, our Keynote speaker for the Write Stuff Conference™ 2019, GLVWG asked, “What’s it like being married to writer/editor/freelancer?”

It’s usually fun, but we definitely disagree sometimes. Ben works faster than I do, so I think I frustrate him at times. We usually leave each other alone during the day—he prefers the dark, isolated basement office. I like to have tons of natural light in my workspace.

Creatively we’re total opposites. We frequently bounce ideas off each other when we’re stuck on a plot hole or a character development. We almost never give each other the “breakthrough” idea. Most of the time we end up inspiring the other person to do the exact opposite of what we suggested!

We try to balance out our knowledge and be a strength to each other. His editing skills are always going to surpass mine. But when it comes to running ads on Amazon, compiling data, or putting together a comprehensive Excel spreadsheet, I take the cake!


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Charis can be found on Instagram (@CharisCrowe)



Article by GLVWG member —  Idelle Kursman

Idelle Kursman was born and raised in Providence, Rhode Island. She earned her Bachelor’s degree from Boston College and her Master’s from William Paterson University. She has a loved one with autism and after watching the movie Taken five years ago, she felt compelled to write a novel about human trafficking. Since she loves thrillers, especially if it is a book she cannot put down, she sought to give readers this experience in her debut novel. At the same time, Idelle seeks to raise awareness for autism and the international human trafficking crisis. She lives with her family in New Jersey.

You can find Idelle on her website: https://idellekursman.com/, and social media links.