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“I’m Janeen Ippolito, and I’m determined to see the world filled with amazing books and endless to-be-read piles. I write speculative fiction and creative writing and marketing resources. I’m also an experienced entrepreneur, author coach, editor, teacher, and the president of Uncommon Universes Press. Whether brainstorming a plot twist, developing a course, or analyzing marketing angles, I’m happiest when creating solutions that get your books polished and noticed in the ever-changing publishing industry.”

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Article by Dawn Sooy

In her spare time, Janeen enjoys sword-fighting, reading, pyrography, and eating brownie batter. Two of her goals are eating fried tarantulas (Hmm- do they shave the hair first? Janeen: sometimes! They didn’t when I ate some freeze dried tarantulas. Had an interesting texture.) and traveling to Antarctica.

Janeen is an Air Force kid raised all over the East Coast. She went to college in 2005 to study cross-cultural communication, writing, and teaching English as a second language.

Janeen lives in Berwick, PA across the street from the town’s prettiest cemetery, which she often walks around to clear her mind. Her favorite writing beverage is water (room temperature, no ice), her favorite color is dark red, and she has been known to write tragic scenes to fluffy pop songs. She also tends to solve problems while cleaning her house. She’s slightly addicted to buying book swag, especially when it involves dragons.

Plan to attend her Friday Afternoon Class – Book to Market: Tips to Package, Promote, and Publish Your Book. Should you aim for a traditional publisher or try to publish yourself? Is there a way to make selling books easier? And what social media should you really be using? Get clarity on your publishing and marketing options from publishing industry pro and marketing coach Janeen Ippolito. These three sessions take out the “overwhelm” and enable you to make decisions with confidence about your manuscript’s future.

Saturday, Janeen continues presenting at the GLVWG Write Stuff Conference™ on March 22 & 23, 2019 with topics including:

Fundamentals of Fiction – Inside Out. Have an idea for your story, but nowhere to start? Have the start of a draft, but unsure of how to finish it? Heard a lot of writing terms, but unsure where they fit into the big picture? This workshop is for you! It starts by targeting your core motivations with key questions, then breaks down the big task of writing a story into manageable chunks and simplifies the myriad of story-telling concepts into action-items that you can use in your work right now. Come away with a solid foundation for tackling your fiction writing project.

 How to Write Romantic Subplots. Think romance is just for romance novelists? Think again! Romantic subplots can enhance all kinds of fiction and broaden your reader base. Learn how to use romance to push plots effectively so that romance-fans AND non-romance fans will pick up your books!

To read more on Janeen, visit:

·         Author Website: http://www.janeenippolito.com

·         Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/janeenippolitollc/

·         Twitter: https://twitter.com/JaneenIppolito

·         Instagram: @janeen_ippolito

·         InterviewWorld Building with Janeen Ippolito


Dawn Sooy

Dawn Sooy, GLVWG’s Conference Chairman, is a native of Eastern Pennsylvania, with plenty of experience the four seasons have to offer. Armed with a Computer Science degree, she worked in the tech industry until 2012. As an animal lover, she volunteers at the local animal shelter, sneaking in treats for the four-legged residents.