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Article by Joe Fleckenstein


At the 2019 Write Stuff Writers Conference™, GLVWG is proud to present Ben Wolf as our keynote speaker. On Thursday, March 21st, he will kick off the conference with the topic: Into the Deep: An Advanced Study of Speculative Fiction. Speculative fiction rules today’s popular culture in books, movies, and TV shows. Learning the ins and outs of the various genres is absolutely essential for writers who intend to compete in a saturated yet hungry market.

This extended workshop delves deep into speculative fiction and its sub-genres and will discuss the conventions, philosophies, types, standards, and other key elements that help define the genre.

So strap on your blaster, mount your dragon, and fly with us into the depths of the weird and wonderful world of speculative fiction.

Friday morning, Ben will begin the day engaging conference attendees in a discussion on The Three Pillars of Storytelling.

Saturday, he will present two sessions, Backstory: Your Secret Weapon to Engaging Readers and Writing Flash Fiction that Sells.

At the Saturday Luncheon, he will speak on “Writing Through Adversity.”

Life is a tyrant. It demands constant attention from us, throws fits seemingly at random, and never seems to let up. It’s unpredictable, precarious, and oftentimes rude.

But we as writers can’t let life get in the way of our goals–not if we mean to achieve those goals. Award-winning author, publisher, and editor Ben Wolf has been through the wringer more than once in his life as a writer. In fact, he’s been through hell so many times that they keep a room open for him.

But in spite of that, he still manages to get words on the page, pursue publishing deals, edit for freelance clients, and coach other authors on their projects as well. In his keynote address, Ben will share the un-killable drive that propels him forward even when every aspect of life tries to hold him back, and he’ll offer strategies and encouragement to attendees to help them capture that same driving force for their own writing careers.

Who is Ben Wolf?

Ben is the founder and owner of Splickety Publishing Group, the publisher of three flash fiction magazines. He has edited, written, and/or published over 100 published works and has taught at 40+ writers conferences nationwide.

Ben’s debut novel Blood for Blood won the 2015 Cascade Award and is characterized as “bold…with nonstop tension.” His debut children’s book, I’d Punch a Lion in His Eye for You, won the 2016 Cascade Award. In his spare time, he practices Brazilian jiujitsu (where he tries to choke out his friends).

Ben currently has one novel on the market, The Ghost Mine.

The Ghost Mine is a gripping sci-fi/horror novel sure to thrill you and chill you late into the night. If you’re a fan of Ridley Scott’s Aliens, you’ll love this book.

ben wolf book cover

“A snappy, fun, wild ride from hell! Wolf’s knockout novel brings all the sci-fi intensity of Ridley Scott’s Alien movies together with a Michael Crichton style thriller. When space colonization goes wrong in The Ghost Mine, it means a long, nail-biting night of sheer reading delight! Positively unputdownable!” – Brandon Barr, USA Today Bestseller and author of the Song of the World Series

In addition to The Ghost Mine, Ben has also published a children’s book and will be publishing the first books of a nine-book fantasy series in early 2019. You can find his books on Amazon.com.

Ben and his wife Charis (who sometimes is his presentation partner) live in ­­­­­­­Iowa with their children. Charis is also presenting at the conference, and you will get to meet her in our next blog.

You can find Ben at benwolf.com or follow him on TwitterInstagram, and on Facebook.



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Joseph E. Fleckenstein, active GLVWG member for nine years and club treasurer for two years, has published over 35 items. The list includes technical papers, online courses, and 22 short stories in ezines and print magazines. In 2015 CRC Press published his technical book Three Phase Electrical Power. His novel The Kurdish Episode will soon be available at Amazon. Additional bio particulars are available at his website www.WriterJEF.com.