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Richard White Meet

Richard White is a science fiction/fantasy author, but he has also been known to do dark fantasy, new pulp, historical adventure, fantasy noir, and non-fiction. As a media tie-in writer, he’s written for Star Trek, Doctor Who, and The Incredible Hulk.

Rich made his first professional sale in 1975 when he sold a sports article to the Hallsville (MO) Top. Over the next several years, he became the sports editor and wrote articles and editorials for the paper. He was a sports reporter at the University of Central Missouri’s radio station where he wrote/edited on-air copy and did interviews with local schools sports teams.

Rich is a member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America and the International Association of Media Tie-in Writers. He also serves on SFWA’s “Writer Beware” committee.

When not writing, he shows an inordinate amount of interest in sharp pointy things. Rich picked up fencing in college, learning the foil. Also, while attending the University of Central Missouri, he was introduced to the Society for Creative Anachronism, where he learned the art of sword fighting using both broadsword and shield, great sword, and pole arms. He also was an apprentice armorer, learning how to make both leather and steel armor pieces for other members. Additionally, he was a herald for the West Kingdom, doing both field and court heraldry as well as designing over 40 coats of arms and badges for members of the Barony of the Dark Woods. Rich’s current sword-related vice is Kendo, where he has achieved the rank of Nidan and is studying both Itto (single-sword) and Nito (two-sword) styles of Kendo.

The 2018 GLVWG Write Stuff Conference™ is using Richard’s skills to present sessions on:

  • Enter the Hobbit (Writing Realistic Fight Scenes)
  • World Building 101
  • Writer Beware

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Dawn Sooy       Article by Dawn Sooy

A native of Eastern Pennsylvania, Dawn has plenty of experience with the best and worst four seasons have to offer. Armed with a Computer Science degree, she worked in the tech industry until 2012. She’s married to a great guy and between them, have four children, two grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. As an animal lover, she volunteers at the local animal shelter, sneaking in treats for the four-legged residents.

Too full of energy to even consider a rocking chair, with an insatiable itch to write, Dawn published six short stories, the most recent, “Love Knows No Boundaries,” featured in the GLVWG anthology, Write Here – Write Now. She is currently working on a full-length novel titled, “From The Darkness,” scheduled for publication in early 2018, with plans to publish a horror anthology later in the year.