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A native of Wisconsin and Connecticut, DT ‘Dan’ Krippene is a former Peace Corps Volunteer who deserted aspirations of being a biologist to live the corporate dream and raise a family.  After six homes, a ten-year stint in Singapore and Taiwan, and an imagination that never slept, his muse refused to be hobbled as a mere dream. Now a full time writer, DT writes mostly science and dystopian fiction.

Dan was a featured author in the January 2017 Bethlehem Writer’s Roundtable with a dystopian short story, “Snow Belt Sanctuary“, and contributed to the GLVWG’s 2016 anthology, Write Here, Write Now, with a paranormal MG titled “Locker 33C“. He has just completed a science fiction novel of a near-future earth brought back from the edge of extinction by benevolent otherworldly beings who foster a gender separated society.

He’s been a GLVWG member since 2010, and was quickly shanghaied into revamping the group’s social media platform. He set up the GLVWG WordPress Blog, and coached members how not to embarrass themselves with Facebook posts. Dan will give a presentation at the GLVWG Write Stuff Conference™ at 7:00 PM on Friday, March 23, on the basics of using Pinterest for Writers, just before the bar opens at our annual Meet & Greet.  Dan assures me he won’t go overtime, as he expects to be first in line for a drink.  If you miss the presentation, you’ll find him reliving his High School AV days, lugging projectors and recorders between sessions at the conference, probably spouting words you can’t say to your mother.

With all authors, we desire a peek behind the curtain with questions like, who are you as a writer.

Summarized in his usual tongue-in-cheek manner, Dan considers himself a passionate curmudgeon who writes in silence because he can’t think with all that noise, includes romantic elements that don’t follow the RWA formula, isn’t into zombies because it’s just too biologically unrealistic, blogs about important issues like if robots will ever achieve true love, texts with one finger using correct punctuation and apostrophes, collects concept art on his Pinterest page with photos Hubble constellations, and finally – secretly believes “growing up” is a highly overrated concept.


Dan is represented by Victoria Lea of Aponte Literary Agency.


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You can find Dan on his blog website, Searching For Light in the Darkness, and you can follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and of course, his Pinterest Page. Just don’t ask him if he’s on Instagram; nobody wants to see his mug as a unicorn.


Article by GLVWG’s Ralph Hieb