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Write Stuff Conference brochure 2018-2

The annual Write Stuff Writer’s Conference, hosted by the Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group, will be held at Best Western Lehigh Valley on March 22nd to 24th. The conference offers a full day workshop, half-day workshops, a day full of hour long sessions, pitching sessions to literary agents and editors, critique sessions, a flash writing contest, book fair, and a chance to rub elbows with fellow authors along with agents and editors.

The keynote speaker for 2018 is New York Times bestselling author and the CEO of Cool Gus Publishing, Bob Mayer. Bob is a West Point graduate and former Green Beret. Mayer has authored over 70 novels in multiple genres, selling more than 4 million books, including the #1 series Area 51, Atlantis, and The Green Berets.

In his Thursday all-day workshop/seminar, he will guide attendees through all the steps to develop an original idea, create characters, establish point of view, create setting, manage dialog, and how to go about selling our works in today’s market. In other presentations he will focus on the challenges in the business of writing; researching military issues for writers; and Pubs, PODs and the future of publishing.

Sessions by our six other presenters bear the following titles:

Jane K. Cleland

  • Mastering Suspense, Structure & Plot (half-day workshop/seminar)
  • The Art of Distraction: Using Red Herrings to Create Suspense
  • Using Metaphors to Add Richness and Texture to Your Work

Benjamin Sobieck

  • Weapons in Fiction
  • Using Wattpad to Build a Writing Career
  • Writing Inside a Franchise

Matt Betts

  • What is a Media Kit and Why do I Need One?
  • Make History with Your Writing! (Alternate history)
  • The Rhyming Dead (Horror poetry)
  • Steampunk – Everything Old is New Again

Richard C. White

  • Enter the Hobbit (Writing realistic fight scenes)
  • World Building 101
  • Writer Beware (Publishing pitfalls)

Tabitha Jorgensen

  • Editing: Soup to Nuts
  • So You Want to Be an Indie Author?
  • It’s a Marathon not a Sprint: Long-Range Marketing Strategies for Indie Authors
  • Balancing the Busy: A Crash Course on Time Management for Indie Authors

Dan Krippene

  • Pinterest Anyone? (Friday evening)


As part of the Friday evening events, attendees can sign-up ahead of time to have their work’s first page critiqued by a panel of authors, agents, or editors. Authors will listen to the comments of the panel incognito. All submissions are anonymous.

In addition, during the Saturday events, attendees can pre-arrange to meet with an agent or editor for a ten minute one-on-one, giving authors a chance to pitch their work. However, authors need to sign up as there are limited slots available. There will also be market coaching appointments.

Also on Saturday is the flash literature contest for fiction, non-fiction, and poetry, one hundred words or less, the works to be submitted Saturday morning. Published authors, who attend, can arrange to have their works sold at the book fair.

For information and online registration, search for Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group for GLVWG.org.

Keep checking our blog right here at glvwgwritestuffblog.wordpress.com/ for presenter details and schedule.

Contact:  Dawn Sooy at glvwg.writestuffchair@gmail.com

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