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Confrencees at Desk

It’s Here!

Greater Lehigh Valley Writer’s Group –  Write Stuff™ Conference

Starts Thursday, March 23.

Here’s the lineup of seminars for three days of awesome writer knowledge. Come early to learn, stay late to rub elbows with the presenters, agents, authors, and fellow writers.


Thursday March 23 : 


 8:30 AM – 12:00 Noon

Full day Michael Hauge Seminar
“Story Mastery”

 12-12:45 PM

Lunch with the Experts (included)

1:00 PM – 4:30 PM

Michael Hauge:

Continuation of“Story Mastery” seminar

7:00 PM – 9:00

 Writers Cafe: Informal Read and Critique (Included with ALL registrations)


Friday, March 24
Half-Day Seminars: 


Thursday Writers Cafe plus all Friday evening activities including
Page Cuts Critique, Victoria Selvaggio workshop, and Reception.


Time Craft Marketing/Indie Publishing

Two Michael Hauge Workshops

“Story Closeup” and
“Writing Powerful Scenes”

Down the Author Marketing
Rabbit Hole

Deborah Riley Magnus12-12:45 
 Lunch with the Experts (included)                                1:00
4:30Maximizing the Emotional Potential
of Your Novel

Kathryn Craft

Insider Self-Publishing: Tips that Separate the Amateurs from the Pros 

Amy Deardon


Page Cuts Critique

3 sessions Anonymous read and critique
with industry pros.


(Page Cuts Included with Friday and/or Saturday Registration)

Limited to 36 participants

Sign up for Page Cuts when you register


Victoria Selvaggio

Agent 101: An Insiders View of Getting an Agent

(Included with Friday and/or Saturday




Conf Mem 5


Reception/Social Gathering

Guest presenter: “Samuel Clemens”

Included with Friday and/or Saturday Registration



Saturday, March 25:

Bookfair, Flash Literature writing contest, Door Prizes, Thursday Writers Cafe,

all Friday evening activities including Page Cuts Critique,

Victoria Selvaggio workshop, and Reception.



Nonfiction Marketing/Special Craft Craft/Misc/Genre
7:30 – 8:40

 Check-in and



 8:50 – 9:40

Finding Story in True Events

Kathryn Craft

Agent Panel

Suzanne Mattaboni

Writing the Compelling Short Story

Phil Giunta

How to Turn Your Writing into a Money-Making Business

Jennifer Lader

 9:50 – 10:40 Organizing Your Writing Business

Colleen Warmingham

10 Tools for Author Marketing Success

Deb Riley-Magnus


Spicing it Up: Romance as a Genre Fiction Tool

Anna Kashina

How to Turn Your Writing into a Money-Making Business(continued)

Jennifer Lader


 Break   Break   Break   Break
11:00 – 11:50

Feature This: Writing Articles

Pattie Giordani

What’s the Right Type of Publishing for My Book?

Amy Deardon

Writing From the Inside Out

Therese Halscheid

Writing the
Query Letter

Victoria Selvaggio


Lunch and Keynote

 Michael Hauge

 “Becoming the Hero of Your Own Story”

  1:40 – 2:30Let’s Get Personal:
Writing Essays


Pattie Giordani
Care & Feeding of Your Marketing Muse

Deb Riley-Magnus

Engaging Backstory Techniques

Kathryn Craft


World Building in Speculative Fiction

Anna Kashina


 2:40 – 3:30

Organizing Your Writing Content

Colleen Warmingham

Does My Book Have What it Takes?

Amy Deardon

Writing on the Dark Side


Victoria Selvaggio


The Artful Poem

Therese Halscheid


Conf Mem 17 Book Fair

Be sure to stick around Saturday Afternoon when the presentation part of the program closes.  Authors and Presenters will be participating in a Book Fair, and there’ll be door prizes.

3:30 – 5:00 p.m.  


·         Book Fair**

·         Contest Winners

·         Door Prizes

·         Conference closes

**All published GLVWG members are eligible to participate in the book fair. Please contact book fair coordinator Jerry Waxler   to reserve a space by March 6, 2017


Detailed instructions for selling your book(s) at the Book Fair are HERE


Don’t forget to register with our friendly volunteers when you come in and get the room location for each seminar .


See you at the conference.