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Jennifer Lader, editor and profile coach, will be helping authors turn writing into a moneymaking business at the Write Stuff Writers Conference™ on March 25, 2017.

Article by Charles Kiernan, Write Stuff Conference™ Chairman


I have known Jennifer Lader for years, being part of my longest standing critique groups. I witnessed her “coming into her own” at a rather phenomenal rate. I am pleased to have her as one of the conference’s non-fiction presenters for 2017.

Jennifer Lader has developed a proprietary process for helping small businesses and sole proprietorships identify and share what they can do for others. After many years as a freelance writer and three years as the editor of what became an award-winning newspaper under her tenure, Jennifer brought her writing and business skills together to build up a successful enterprise as a contractor.

Today, she helps individuals and small businesses develop powerful and easy-to-share profiles, then get the word out.

Along with a bachelor’s degree in anthropology from Grinnell College, Jennifer has her master’s in public administration. She is the senior writer for the Center for Advanced Emotional Intelligence, marketer for Business & Community Financing Solutions, and managing editor for Architects Marketing.

She knows how to pitch stories to the media and has landed her clients in highly positive feature articles. Besides GLVWG, she is a member of the Nonfiction Authors Association and of the Lehigh Valley Storytelling Guild. Her work has been recognized with a 1st Place Keystone Press Award for niche publication and a 1st Place Simon Rockower Award for her article on the cultural impact of the television show “Bewitched.”

At the conference will be presenting two back-to-back sessions entiled, THE FINE LINE: HOW TO TURN YOUR WRITING INTO A MONEY-MAKINIG BUSINESS. You’ll come away with specific actions that you can take to launch or invigorate your freelance career.

GOAL: Get into the mindset that you can make money as a freelancer.


  1. Find out the number one way that you can easily promote your services, enable others to envision how you can help them, and melt away your competition (lesson 1)
  2. Learn how to think like a business person (lessons 2-7)
  3. Make plans now to stake your claim in three easy steps (lessons 8-10).


Wow, could we really make a living at this craft? Let Jennifer tell you how.


You can contact Jennifer Lader at jennifer@jenniferlader.com. To learn more about Jennifer Lader’s process, check out her website, jenniferlader.com.