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Jamie Saloff will be one of the presenters at The GLVWG WriteStuff Writer’s Conference™, March 24-25, 2017. Her main topic for this weekend is all about self-publishing.

Having spent nearly three years researching and writing her first book, Jamie learned the disappointing reality that many authors face with the receipt of their first royalty check: although the book retailed for nearly twenty-five dollars, Jamie would only receive $1.25 per book. When an editor cut the best parts of her second book and she was paid a miserly $500 for her efforts, she became disenchanted with traditional publishing.

At this time, a new technology came on the scene — print-on-demand (POD) printing. Intrigued, Jamie dived in, and soon began helping others publish by this means.

Nearly twenty years later, Jamie speaks and coaches would-be authors helping them avoid the scams and money traps many fall prey to as they endeavor to self-publish a book. She shares insider secrets that separate the amateurs from the pros. She shows clients how to keep costs low and profits high, while stressing the importance of quality and professionalism.

Interestingly, many of Jamie’s clients do not consider themselves “authors.” Rather, they are creative, enterprising women (and sometimes men) who have a method to teach or a story to tell and a desire to uplift others. With Jamie’s guidance, they are able to use books to expand their client base, up level their credentials, increase their income, and create the free time they need as they strive to create harmony between the work that they love and a lifestyle they deeply desire.

Jamie’s Friday half-day workshop is Insider Self-Publishing Tips that Separate the Amateurs from the Pros. Jamie states, “You’ve made the decision to go your own way, self-publish your book and take the reins of your publishing journey. But now you may be worried about making some of those noobie mistakes causing your stellar work to fall flat.

“During this class, we’ll discuss a variety of areas concerning the publishing process including design, permissions, delivery, and beyond. When we’re done, you’ll hold the keys to creating a professional, well-selling product.”

On Saturday, don’t miss her two sessions that go further into two aspects of self-publishing.

What’s the Right Type of Publishing for My Book?

Learn the pros and cons of the different publishing methods, from traditional large and small publishers to do-it-all-yourself self-publishing and e-books. (And many in between.) Learn what to avoid and what to embrace as you navigate the publishing path that’s right for you and your book.

And ………. Self-Publishing on a Budget

Create a budget sheet for your book project. Together we will expose hidden costs, learn where to cut corners (and not), and how to get the best return on your investment both during and after you self-publish your book. Your book budget sheet will be your road map to publishing profits.

If you have thought about self-publishing, these are the sessions for you.



You can learn more about Jaime Saloff’s process for boosting your self-published book at her website, Bookectomy™. You can contact Jaime at info@saloff.com, checkout her Facebook Page, and follow her Twitter Feed.