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From: Astronomy.com

Dawn Sooy, GLVWG Secretary, remarks about the constant heat during the last few weeks.


            My two dogs and I have just returned from a short walk. I took a deep breath of relief when I entered the house, the air conditioning slowly cooling my body. For some reason, the phrase “Dog Days of Summer” passed through my mind, so I decided to look it up.

Wiki has the following description, “The dog days are the hottest, most uncomfortable part of the Northern summer. The American weather and farming annual, The Old Farmer’s Almanac, explains that the phrase ‘Dog Days’ conjures up the hottest, most sultry days of summer,” I can attest to that definition, and I am sure many of us in this area are struck by the heat when leaving the house.

Another interesting fact is the ancient Greeks associated this time of the year with Sirius, a star in the constellation that today refers to as Canis Major, literally the “greater dog” constellation.

May publications refer to the “Dog Days of Summer”. To mention a few:  Homer in the ‘IIiad,’ John Webster’s 1613 stage play ‘The Duchess of Malfi,’ Charles Dickens in ‘A Christmas Carol’ and Richard Harding Davis ‘in The Bar Sinister.’”

So sit back, enjoy your pool if you are lucky, or grab a popsicle from the freezer. These days won’t last forever and soon we will be shivering in cold weather.



Dawn Sooy Bio

Dawn grew up in Eastern Pennsylvania and has experienced the four seasons this state has to offer. She received a degree in Computer Science and worked in that field until 2014. Her interests are writing, reading, and fishing.

She is married to her husband, Bob and between them, they have four children. Recently her granddaughter had a baby and now enjoys the name Great Grammy Dawn.

Dawn has published five short stories, the most recent, “Dancing in the Moonlight”, is published in the GLVWG anthology Write Here – Write Now.  This collection is available for purchase through Amazon.com.

You can find Dawn at her Facebook Page, and coming soon, her new WordPress author site.