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From: Erhlif - Depositphotos.com

From: Erhlif – Depositphotos.com

DT Krippene offers a holiday message with his favorite subject, searching for light in the darkness, and how it seeps into the stories we write. He likes to collect images on a Pinterest page of foreboding dark and light’s heartening beacon to inspire story scenes. Then sit back and listen to Josh Groban’s holiday song, “Thankful”.


As a writer, I have always been fascinated with how light and dark invade each other’s boundaries. We equate light with warm, dark with cold.  Storm clouds brashly veil the sun with physical violence that can tear apart whole cities.  Heavily shadowed forest trails make us think twice if we should enter. Specters and ghosts do their evil in the dark, feeding a fear we cannot see. Darkness blinds us. Darkness scares us. Darkness hides that which goes bump in the night. It is why our stories give darkness the black hat, so the hero in white can save us.

It’s kind of what many of us do here at the Greater Lehigh Writer’s Group. We write about the light of human existence in a world that is often mired in chaotic darkness.  It could be characters who search for each other against extreme odds; enlightening prose in a sonnet; a biography that offers the light of wisdom gleaned from life’s lessons, or humor to make you smile (smiling BTW, is one of the best forms of human light). It’s that contrast of light and dark that feeds so much of what we write.

It is our human history or lore that provides those dark moments and the light of a potential happy ending, or as the Romance Writers Association refer to as a satisfying ending. Plenty of light and dark material to pick through, and not all stories, or life events, end in the light of a happy conclusion, but it’s the lighthouse beacon of hope that keeps us searching for it.

Most of us love the holiday season for the light it brings to the longest night of the year. A couple years back, I wrote an article titled Thankfulness for the Light, based on Josh Groban’s holiday song, “Thankful”. It’s a favorite of mine because it reminds us of what we need to do on a planet surrounded by darkness, and not forget to be thankful for the light inside each and every one us.

 There is a place we’re all connected

Each of us can find each other’s light

From all of us at the Greater Lehigh Valley Writer’s Group, Happy Holidays, and may a light be always shining to guide your way.




DT Krippene

A native of Wisconsin and Connecticut, DT deserted aspirations of being a biologist to live the corporate dream and raise a family.  After six homes, a ten-year stint in Singapore and Taiwan, and an imagination that never slept, his muse refused to be hobbled as a mere dream.  DT writes science fiction, alternate-world fantasy, and likes to blog about the relationship of light and dark in the cosmos.

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