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You’ve written novels, articles, manuals, and Bible studies. Do you have a favorite? Which one gets you into a writing flow faster?

The basic answer is whichever I am writing at the time is my favorite. I have the most fun by telling story so novels and short stories fit that format the best. Manuals are the hardest for me, but even my Bible studies are created in a storytelling format. As long as I can tell the story the format doesn’t matter a lot.

You’re one busy woman. An active member of Toastmasters International, Words for the Journey Christian Writers Guild, American Christian Fiction Writers, and the Christian Writers Guild. When do you make time to write?

First I have to say I am also creating writing conferences for teen writers in my area, which connects to my passion to help new and young writers. That adds to my busyness. All of this does impact my own writing and if I don’t specifically make time for myself, I don’t get any writing done. Therefore, I have to schedule time for myself. I actually set appointments when I go to places like the library or quiet coffee/tea houses. I leave the cell phone in my purse and do not turn on the internet on the computer. I have to take these steps to focus on my writing.

Does your photography inspire your writing?

It is a two-way street. My photography inspires some of my stories and I use the photography to illustrate some of my stories.
When editing someone else’s work, is there a particular system you use? (i.e. read the last chapter first)

First I rapidly read the story, or at least enough to get a feel for the author’s voice and style. Then I read the story slowly looking for continuity, plot, and character development. Finally I read it line by line looking for grammar and sentence structure.
For the Write Stuff conference, can you please give us a sneak peek into what you will talk about in your Friday presentations, “Traditional Publishing: The Team” and “It Came From Where?”

First of all, I need all the attendees to come prepared to be involved in the classes. I do not stand up and just lecture. I encourage everyone to be part of the discussion.

In Traditional Publishing, we will discuss and practice the skills necessary for getting a book published. This is especially helpful for those who haven’t gone through the process yet and will increase the skills of those who are in it. I promise I will have some twists guaranteed to confuse and then clarify everyone.

It Came From Where, comes from a quote from George Lucas about how Star Wars was written. Each author brings personal knowledge and experience to their writing and each reader brings their personal knowledge and experience to how they respond to what they read. In this class, we will explore how we can make sure those messages match up. Using Star Wars and other movies, we will talk about how this happens. In past presentations, authors have discovered they have more messages in their books than they think they do. I expect the same to be true of this class.
When can readers expect your book “Shattered Trust” to be published?

Shattered Trust will be released in November 2015. It is a Christian Suspense Police Procedural about an officer’s journey back from the dark side of his job and life.